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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead, Consultant at Matrix-Q Solutions has been part of StartupLeap community since January. Learn how he benefited and accelerated his learning process through diversification.



How did you benefited from being part of a community?

The biggest benefit that community brought me was accelerated learning. The reason behind that is the diversity of experiences and challenges each member has overcame.

When did you need support the most and how did it help you?

It helped me to understand quickly the value offered by the community and its members, and what I need to create myself as for a solution to my own challenges. The community does not solve it for you. But you learn what a community offers you. That clarity is gold.

Why do you think founders should be part of a community?

First of all community provides you with network. Secondly it boosts creativity. Additionally it contributes to collaborations. The best thing is that learning is accelerated by exchange of information throughout the different backgrounds, expanding your competencies through others’ expertise.
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