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Germain Miedema is one of the founder of Hintle, a startup that provides special outings, bringing people closer together, by helping them show more gratitude for the loved ones that are surrounding them.




Why did you decide to become a founder?

Since I was 8 I dreamed about having my own company. But then I fell in love with advertising. When that dream wasn’t as rosy as I thought, I decided to run my own business.


What’s the best thing about your co-founder?

I’ve got 4 other co-founders! The best thing is the fact that we are so complementary, but yet so focused on the same end goal. To enhance people’s bonds with cool, personal experiences and to create special celebrations for the lovely people around you.

What surprised you the most about being a startup founder?

The most surprising thing was that living the brand would change my love for life so much. Being a founder and doing something you like, brings you such fulfilment that it makes your life just great.

What’s the coolest thing about being a founder?

Make a fantasy become reality. Slowly bending the world to how you would like it the most.

What’s the worst thing about being a founder?

I really love it all, the journey, the joy of finding your path. But if I have to choose, sometimes the uncertainty and the overwhelming amount of information you get, and the need to  still make a decision to set a (sometimes) wrong course can definitely be a negative aspect.

What’s your advice on approaching investors?

Wait until you got recurring numbers. Else it costs a lot of energy. Focus on sales, team and marketing strategies with a recurring strategy, and be sure they only need to see, well financials.

How do you see your idea in 10 years?

We have created technology that will bring people together in the real world, creating unforgettable experiences and most importantly, strengthen their bonds with family, friends, and even other cultures and ways of living. We have a platform that make people feel that if you are grateful for each others’ talents and presence, you can change the world together faster than ever. Change things by surprise.
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