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We’re in this together. Sharing experiences, insights and network is crucial to success.


Knowing what to do will significantly increase the speed in your startup. And speed is everything.


With startups comes uncertainty. Embrace the unknown and bend with the wind.


The world needs more problem solvers and we’re here to support that.

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Here’s who’s behind StartupLeap and why they joined.

“Millions of customers – including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies – trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs. AWS offers, and not only to the participants of StartupLeap, over 175 fully featured services, including storage, analytics, machine learning, internet of things, and much more.”

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Anna C Mallon – Sr. Startup & Ecosystem BDM AWS

“We back, build and accelerate (corporate) startups. Our in-house Venture Studio is here to help startups and corporate innovation teams. Solving human problems with innovative digital solutions that create sustainable business growth.

Partnering with StartupLeap allows us to keep tap on the market and meet inspiring founders that need an extra push in the right direction.”

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Jurriaan Duivenvoorden – Commercial Director Born05 Ventures

“Every founder should have the opportunity to create an successful company, everywhere, every time. For this reason Braventure is supporting StartupLeap, to create an impact, together, in the Dutch economy.”

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Richelle Wouters – Marketing Lead Braventure

“At Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship we strive to embed entrepreneurship in the DNA of people applying the knoweldge and network of Erasmus University Rotterdam. We’re happy to join StartupLeap to help even more early stage founders to pursue their entrepreneurial future!”

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Leonardo Fuligni – Project Manager Education & Research

“At Founded in Groningen, we connect, support and promote startups, companies and initiatives in the innovation ecosystem of Groningen. So they can innovate with more impact and grow even faster. A high quality programme as StartupLeap perfectly fits our goal to support early stage startups in their journey towards scale-ing up and growing their business.”

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Lusanne Tehupuring – Private Lead Founded in Groningen

“Health Valley Netherlands is the biggest Life Sciences & Health innovation network in the Netherlands. We bring technology to the care sector, together. Through a combination of innovative, market and entrepreneurial strength, our partners give an unmistakable boost to the care sector and also encourage economic growth. Startupleap plays an important role in developing entrepreneurs to company’s with a mission and impact in healthcare.”

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Marc Kalf – Innovation Manager

“Novel-T accelerates innovation with our complete ecosystem. New business via our tech transfer and startup team + renew business via our SME team. That ecosystem wouldn’t be complete without partnering with some of the best that the Netherlands have to offer in StartupLeap!”

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Mike Verkouter – Manager Startup Acceleration Novel-T / Incubase

“StartupLeap provides a unique contribution to the development of early stage startups. As StartupUtrecht, we are proud to support this mission.”

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Heerd Jan Hoogeveen – Director StartupUtrecht

“StartupAmsterdam is an action program of the city of Amsterdam that connects the public and private sector to support the startup ecosystem. We do not only focus on startups and scaleups with a proven business model, but we also encourage entrepreneurship as a whole. No matter which stage you are in. That’s why we are a partner of StartupLeap.”

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Joël Dori – Startup Liaison StartupAmsterdam

“At STERK, we believe that start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs are the sustainable future of Friesland. And therefore the rest of the world. That’s why we are building an innovative Frisian startup ecosystem together with our partners.”

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Erwin Damberg – Program Manager & Private Lead STERK Fries Ondernemerschap

“The Next Women is a network for female entrepreneurs and investors. Since we work on a paid membership base, we’ve noticed that this can be a threshold for early-stage founders. By partnering with StartupLeap we can offer these founders a valuable program to take their first steps forward.”

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Rixt Herklots – Director The Next Women

“The Centre for Entrepreneurship connects all activities on entrepreneurship education and research at Utrecht University. We support StartupLeap in their mission to provide all starting entrepreneurs with the opportunity to work on their own ideas next to their job or studies.”

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Rianne Poot – Programme manager Utrecht University Centre for Entrepreneurship

“At UtrechtInc, we support researchers and early stage startups turning their research or ideas into a business. Being able to do so in big numbers through a partnership with StartupLeap, supports that mission.”

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Herman van den Berg – Marketer UtrechtInc

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What does a partnership look like?

That's up to you. We all know sharing something you don't fully stand behind never reaches your target audience. What we need help with can be summarized under operations (think mentors, discounts, etc.), speakers and promotion.

Are there any costs involved?

We emphasize the collective strength of the Dutch startup community and we'd therefore like to work with the resources that are available to you. Which means you can support StartupLeap without spending any money. However, several partners choose to either host an event or provide us with a budget for online advertisements.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, you don't. It's all in good faith and we've received great support doing things this way.

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