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Jurian Willems – de Korne on his entrepreneurial journey with

Jurian followed with his startup the StartupLeap program back in spring 2021. After finishing the program he continued to work on the idea part-time. This January he decided to go all-in and is now a full-time entrepreneur. He also just graduated from the Validation program at UtrechtInc and is currently looking for a new co-founder!
Huisabc helps starters find and buy a house, from orientation to relocation.
I got the chance to ask some questions about his entrepreneurial journey!


Where did the Idea for come from?
I had the idea already for a long time. Six years ago I wanted to buy my first apartment, which turned out to be quite a hassle. The process was very complex and stressful and I noticed that the whole market is very old-fashioned. I felt frustrated and overwhelmed and I also saw that many of my friends and family had the same problem. To solve this problem I saw opportunities to improve the process of buying a home in a more digital way based on data and AI.

Did you always know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?
It was a long wish of mine to be an entrepreneur, already at school, I was dreaming of having my own company at some point. However, I also wanted to get some work experience first and therefore I joined to learn different skills that can be useful when starting a business.

How did you experience the StartupLeap program?
In my opinion, the biggest value of the program is that you meet other entrepreneurs who are at the same stage of starting a business. It can be relieving to see how other founders are struggling with the same problems and that we can help each other with that. It was also nice that people with many different backgrounds were participating. Most of the people still had full-time jobs and were working on their idea on the side, therefore it was good that the program was part-time and online. Also, it was great to have the opportunity to connect with the speakers and partner incubators.

How did your journey continue after StartupLeap?
I continued working on my business besides my day job and found a co-founder, but unfortunately, he had to quit after some time. This January I joined the Tech Validation program at UtrechtInc and since then I am also a full-time entrepreneur. I believe in the idea and wanted to focus. It is possible to work on a startup on the side but if you have a day job you are tired in the evening and I couldn’t go on like this forever.
Now I am focusing on finding a new cofounder. I am quite an analytical/strategic thinker with a technical background and am looking for a person with marketing experience who is a bit more impulsive and can focus on the commercial side.

Do you have clients already?
Yes, I do! So far I am helping them with their search for a home manually, but the ultimate goal is a scalable solution. But, for now, it is an excellent way to get to know my customers and learn what their biggest pains are, so I can help solve them.

Do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?
It is important to surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs to learn from each other. Also, it is good to search for advisors/mentors as early as possible.

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