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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  is CEO, R&D Lead, Consultant at Matrix-Q Solutions.

He will tell you more about how he manages his time and keeps up the motivation. 



Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I have been self-employed since i was at university. The step towards entrepreneurship was natural to me. Once i reached completion of my research studies, and validated new upgrades of the solutions and knowledge i developed, my next goal was to scale up.


What’s the coolest thing about being an entrepreneur?

The opportunity to create a positive impact in nature, people and economies


How do you keep up your motivation?

I hold a discipline and praxis of self-management methods, like yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, positive emotions, nature (forest bath), creativity and arts. I am realistic regarding the challenges the world experience and the urgency for solutions needed. I intent to see the facts and process, cope with realities like climate change, sustainability issues, resource depletion, millions of species extinction, and the slow process in which the human species learns to take responsibility, be accountable. I intent to proactively adapt myself to the challenges and needs of current times, addressing global pressing issues.


What surprised you the most in your entrepreneur experience?

I was attending meet ups and events to find co-founders for 2 years without reaching the results needed. I did call old friends that I have met like 10 years ago and they immediately joined. I published job opportunities offering knowledge, training, a mission and engagement, and adventure and a journey. Today I still receive weekly 10 applications of candidates that would like to join us.


What’s the typical work week as entrepreneur?

Mondays every two weeks full day trainings to my team about 9 hours. Thursdays full day interviews for new recruits. Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, meetings and interaction with potential customers. Complete production of our SaaS. Team work, collaboration. Fridays every 2 weeks, forest bath, outdoors walk, community activities, for my own ecosystem, presentations and workshop in nature on circular economy (today with social distancing), every day early morning 7 am forest bath (running outdoors), twice a day practice archery in nature. Once every 2 weeks record one audio track for my ecosystem podcast and team. I find my strength and inspiration in nature. Weekly calls and meetings with potential partners and customers. weekly tasks for administration, accounting and funding. My free time i spend with my family, children and love partner. Create some music from time to time, complete the book I am still writing (did write already since 2007 more than 600+ e-publications, self-publishing).

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