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Kevin Valk, founder of Codian: 

I decided to become a founder as I wanted to be the ultimate employer that I wished I had when I was still an employee.

Elena Prystorm, founder of Solfy:

I have had the experience of an entrepreneur and the idea was great. I would like to provide an opportunity to live easily and happily for all people in the world.

Patricia I. Santa Cruz Montero, founder of PSM Consultancy:

When I finished the MBA (Master in Business Administration) at The Hague University in The Netherlands, I had the idea of starting a company that would not only generate economic income, but also could help foreigners who spoke my same language ( Spanish) and that were living in The Netherlands. This is how, after an investigation, I concluded that the Spanish-speaking residents of this country had problems in their tax returns, mainly because of the difficulties of the Dutch language and the complexity of the tax terms; in which I am perfectly familiar because of the work experience and studies in this topic. As part of my research, I also concluded that in the Netherlands there are approximately 100,000 Spanish-speaking residents, which are residents in The Netherlands. This target group are required to file their tax returns each year. The fact of having identified and focused on this market was in order to help them to understand the tax returns in their own language.

John Meulemans, founder of Virtual Audience Influencer: 

I love to pursue my own dreams and goals instead of someone else’s.

Lea Muruven, founder of Seniors Unlimited: 

I wanted to use my unique talents to support seniors. Becoming a founder was the most straightforward way to do it.
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