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Get more with individual business coaching

  • On-demand strategic, financial and legal support.
  • Talk, text, or chat with a dedicated expert for support that’s tailored to your business needs.
€49 p.m.

Why individual coaching?

Our coaches give judgement free advice that values your approach and your company values. They bring extensive experience & expertise and partner with you – the expert on your business.

Advice you trust

With outstanding experience and a network of specialists behind them, your expert will give you unbiased clear and practical support. Beats your unknowing friend every time!

Best for you

After being matched, you’ll spend time with your expert to ensure that, unlike a random Google search, your expert truly knows about your situation and is able to offer support tailored to your needs.

When you need it

Message your expert 24/7 and they’ll get back to you that day, or schedule an appointment for more in-depth issues.


How it works?

Get all the support you need. Your coach is here for you to help you with the day-to-day challenges and questions of running a business.

Tell us what you need

Have a specific challenge? Looking for general business support? Want to know what’s coming?

Schedule your first call

Speak to a business coach via video chat at a time and place that suits you.

Continue the conversation

Every membership comes with unlimited follow-up texting and regular calls with your coach.

Let’s get started with individual coaching

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Frequently asked questions

Ok, really, how 'unlimited' does 'unlimited' really mean?

We urge you to focus on 1 topic at a time, starting a company can be daunting enough. Therefore, your coach may ask you to skip certain questions to focus on 1 topic per day.

Is this service just for companies that have problems?

Absolutely not. While we hope to be a support for founders when there are challenges, we also strongly believe in continuous support, even in times that are not so overwhelming. You wouldn't get a coach only for game day, would you?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Just email at any time.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel whenever you wish and your service will expire at the end of this month. You will be able to continue using the service until the end of the period.

Can I change my coach?

Absolutely. We want you to be 100% happy in your relationship with your coach. If you aren't, just email and we'll find the right person for you.

I wish my coach's responses were shorter/longer/more frequent/less frequest/more scientific/etc. How can I make that happen?

Every business is unique and wants something different from their coach and your coach can provide you with what is right for you, if you tell them. Your coach is excited to learn with you and to fine tune the services they provide you. If you ask them for something different, they will be more than happy to change.

If you have already asked them, or you don't feel comfortable asking them, you can message and we will help.

Is there a set time of day I can message my coach?

No, send a message whenever you want.

Are you available outside The Netherlands?

We are available in The Netherlands right now. But email us at if you want to see our service where you live.

My coach said something I didn't like/was untrue/was unhelpful.

If you are experiencing problems with your coach, please email us at

I sent a message to my coach over 24 hours ago and they haven't got back to me.

There's a chance something has come up and your coach had to deal with other issues first. Please email us at so we can find out if it's not a technical issue.

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