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Patricia I. Santa Cruz Montero, founder of PSM Consultancyhas been part of StartupLeap community and our partner institution UtrechtInc . She learnt to get the best out of it by following closely the topics discussed and applying them to her startup. Learn more about her experience.

How did you benefited from being part of a community?

Being part of the Utrecht Inc. Community benefited me because I received valuable information for entrepreneurs and a lot of different topics that helped me with my company. We have discussed topics like setting the price of the service, setting your client’s profile, marketing, automation of processes, how to present your idea to the investors, how to develop your product, establish your company’s goals, among others.


When did you need support the most and how did it help you?

One of the main important topics that I learnt was the relationship with the customers, and how to get feedback from them. This information can help you to improve the services of your company in the future.

Another important topic was the automation of processes, because it is the best way to grow exponentially.

Next to that, how to select your market, researching a specific group of people. Keep in mind that you will not always find a completely new market, but the important thing is to find the best solution.

Why do you think founders should be part of a community?

Founders should be part of a community like Utrecht Inc, because they can share experiences with other entrepreneurs, discuss their points of view, find ways to support each other’s companies. In the Utrecht Inc Community there is a lot of information on how to find co-founders, investors, mentors, events, etc. which can be a great support for the future development of the company.


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