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Ilya Korchagin is the founder of Alma Matter and an entrepreneur by heart. Realizing his gift to generate ideas that solve any problem, he decided to start his own company. Read how he finds motivation and inspiration and how he schedules his workweek to make sure he is on track.

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I noticed that I have ideas that can be helpful. So I decided to utilize my strength and turn it into a job.


What’s the coolest thing about being an entrepreneur?

The coolest thing about being an entrepreneur is the fact that you can dream and make money from it. Name a better combination than that.


How do you keep up your motivation?

I try to keep myself busy with things that interest me. This way my motivation is always high.


Tell us a surprising moment in your entrepreneur experience

I live in Kazakhstan and I try not to be surprised (what a shame) for my own good. But one thing was very surprising. While I was attending StartupLeap, I noticed that super relaxed and informal atmosphere, when Herman ate chips and drank beer during a group session. It wasn’t looking bad or rude as you would think, but it actually created a safe place where you can share your thoughts in a more informal and honest way. But it was really surprising as I’ve never realized that the startup world does not involve all these corporate rules.

How did you solve a problem/crisis as a founder?

I research and gather a lot of information and then I try to comprehend it while I relax in a chill environment. Interestingly enough, inspiration and ideas visit me unexpectedly.

Describe your typical work week.

I try to work only on weekdays. But it is very difficult to ignore your family in some cases, especially in isolation. So I work every day. I get up at 5 am and go to bed at 10 pm. In the morning, I read tutorial and self-awareness literature, do some exercise, take a cold shower, and learn English. Breakfast, coffee, work, lunch, coffee, social media, work, coffee, dinner, bath, fiction book, bed.

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