Pavel Timofeev on starting anew after a successful exit

Pavel Timofeev on starting anew after a successful exit Pavel Timofeev is a seasoned traveler, pet lover and successful entrepreneur. His most recent venture, Cooper Pet Care, founded together with his friend Michael Fisher has just launched in the Netherlands. They aim to bring transparent pet insurance on-the-go to all our dear furry friends. Cooper […]

Interview with Nathalie Brähler

Nathalie Brähler is co-founder of Virtual Audience Influencer. She participated in the past StartupLeap edition, together with the CEO and founder of VAI John Meulemans. Virtual Audience Influencer is bringing virtual influencers to live by empowering the audience of brands   How did you find the problem and the solution? To find the solution, we decided […]

Interview with Marieke Ammerlaan

Marieke Ammerlaan is founder of MyBeats a platform for everything on and about dance! Not only music, but also vlogs, blogs, videos, podcasts and movies, books and magazines. Everything in one spot and place to enjoy. Marieke is also part of StartupLeap community and a graduate of the program.     Why did you decide […]

Inspiring stories of 5 founders

Kevin Valk, founder of Codian:  I decided to become a founder as I wanted to be the ultimate employer that I wished I had when I was still an employee. Elena Prystorm, founder of Solfy: I have had the experience of an entrepreneur and the idea was great. I would like to provide an opportunity […]

Interview with Kevin Valk about entrepreneurship

Kevin Valk is founder of Codian, a SaaS solution that can be easily integrated in your Continuous Integration pipeline. Every change made in the design, source code and infrastructure are analysed for security issues by humans and an ever improving AI. Both the security issues and possible mitigations are delivered to you directly in your issue tracker. Kevin has graduated […]

Interview with John Meulemans

  John Meulemans is the founder and CEO of Virtual Audience Influencer. He participated in the previous edition of StartupLeap together with his co-founder Nathalie Brähler.       Tell us a bit about your startup? We are bringing virtual influencers to live by empowering the audience of brands.   Why did you decide to […]

Interview with Ilya Korchagin

Ilya Korchagin is founder of Alma Matter, a web platform where aspiring models learn about modelling business and can be scouted by professionals or get a single job. Why did he become entrepreneur, how did he find the solution that became his company and his suggestions to an early stage entrepreneur are all available for […]

Interview with Violetta Shishkina

Violetta Shishkina is co-founder & CEO of CADChain B.V. as well as participant in the previous edition of StartupLeap. Read the interview to find out why she decided to become an entrepreneur and experience a day with her.      Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? I am the kind of person who […]

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