Interview with Elena Prystrom

Elena Prystorm, is a graduate of StartupLeap. Currently, she is in the position of Chief Operations Officer at Solfy, a Fintech startup which builds a unique international ecosystem of banks, merchants and customers where banks provide loans to customers, customers make purchases using Solfy mobile app and credit cards backed by free loans to be […]

Interview with Carmen Steiner

Carmen Steiner is student of the Communication and Media degree of Hogeschool Utrecht and a participant in the previous edition of StartupLeap. She is also founder of Elpis, a platform that aims to bring students together, where they can connect with others and find like-minded people and form real connections.     Tell us a […]

What makes community a great way to learn faster?

  Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead, Consultant at Matrix-Q Solutions has been part of StartupLeap community since January. Learn how he benefited and accelerated his learning process through diversification.     How did you benefited from being part of a community? The biggest benefit that community brought me was accelerated learning. The reason […]

Interview with John Meulemans

  John Meulemans is the founder and CEO of Virtual Audience Influencer. He participated in the previous edition of StartupLeap together with his co-founder Nathalie BrĂ€hler.       Tell us a bit about your startup? We are bringing virtual influencers to live by empowering the audience of brands.   Why did you decide to […]

The story behind the brand identity of StartupLeap

The story of how I designed a brand to support early stage startup founders By Beau ter Steege ”Make the new online validation program for startups, StartupLeap, look professional”, was the task assigned for my graduation project at UtrechtInc. I focused on creating a brand identity that relates to starting entrepreneurs. In the form of […]

Interview with Jan Cassalette

Jan Cassalette is a serial entrepreneur and a participant in the previous edition of StartupLeap. He is currently in the stage of validation of his new idea ParcelP. In this interview he will tell you why he decided to become entrepreneur and what he likes most about it.     Why did you decide to […]

The Importance of Community with Violetta Shishkina

Community   Violetta Shishkina, Co-Founder and CEO of CADChain B.V., has experienced the importance of being part of the StartupLeap community as a former participant of our online program. Read her story to find out how you can benefit. How did you benefit from being part of a community? Being among like-minded people always helps […]

Interview with Ilya Korchagin

Ilya Korchagin is founder of Alma Matter, a web platform where aspiring models learn about modelling business and can be scouted by professionals or get a single job. Why did he become entrepreneur, how did he find the solution that became his company and his suggestions to an early stage entrepreneur are all available for […]

Interview with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  is CEO, R&D Lead, Consultant at Matrix-Q Solutions. He will tell you more about how he manages his time and keeps up the motivation.      Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? I have been self-employed since i was at university. The step towards entrepreneurship was natural to me. Once […]

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