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Monish Mahalingam (he/him) on building, learning and pivoting

Monish Mahalingam (he/him) on building, learning and pivoting Despite StartupLeap running completely online, I had the fortune of meeting Monish Mahalingam in person during the previous edition of Techstars’ Startup Weekend, in Utrecht. Even during the program, Monish showed himself to be a skilled and humble tech co-founder. His start-up, CoffeeCraft, is all about educating […]

Lianne Bergeron (she/her) on making conversations fun

Lianne Bergeron (she/her) on making conversation fun   Lianne Bergeron is a person who’s energy few can rival. Her CV spans many years of experience working on or founding her own marketing & communications ventures. To an outsider, it seems as if her expertise allowed her to notice something missing in the corporate world: how […]

Sarah Massey (she/her) on internet privacy

Sarah Massey (she/her) on internet privacy Sarah Massey, she / her, is a freedom lover, versed Media Communications expert and successful entrepreneur. Her latest startup, offers a highly secure online video events platform for marginalized communities. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community herself, Sarah Massey impressed us with the motivation and energy which she […]

Pavel Timofeev (he/him) on starting anew after an exit

Pavel Timofeev (he/him) on starting anew after an exit Pavel Timofeev is a seasoned traveler, pet lover and successful entrepreneur. His most recent venture, Cooper Pet Care, founded together with his friend Michael Fisher has just launched in the Netherlands. They aim to bring transparent pet insurance on-the-go to all our dear furry friends. Cooper […]

How to identify a problem worth solving?

    We hear about problems every day, and most people rather not have any. For an entrepreneur, however, this could be the beginning of a business idea. Unfortunately, we can’t go after all the problems we hear about, right? How do you then identify the ones that are worth solving? In an interview given […]

5 Personality Traits All Entrepreneurs Have

  Wondering what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Well, unfortunately, there is not a manual on how to become a successful one but there are certainly some personality traits that most successful founders share. Let us delve into the most common 5 personality traits all entrepreneurs have.   1. Passion If you are new […]

Interview with Patricia I. Santa Cruz Montero

Patricia I. Santa Cruz Montero is founder of PSM Consultancy, founded in 2014. Patricia is one of the best participants during StartupLeap spring edition and has 10 years of work experience in taxes, accounting, and finances in The Netherlands. Originally from Peru and a graduate of Den Haag University in The Netherlands with an MBA […]

5 ways entrepreneurs schedule their week

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of Matrix-Q Solutions Mondays every two weeks full day trainings to my team about 9 hours. Thursdays full day interviews for new recruits. Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, meetings and interaction with potential customers. Complete production of our SaaS. Team work, collaboration. Fridays every 2 weeks, forest bath, outdoors walk, community activities, […]

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