Interview with Patricia I. Santa Cruz Montero

Patricia I. Santa Cruz Montero is founder of PSM Consultancy, founded in 2014. Patricia is one of the best participants during StartupLeap spring edition and has 10 years of work experience in taxes, accounting, and finances in The Netherlands. Originally from Peru and a graduate of Den Haag University in The Netherlands with an MBA […]

5 ways entrepreneurs schedule their week

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of Matrix-Q Solutions Mondays every two weeks full day trainings to my team about 9 hours. Thursdays full day interviews for new recruits. Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, meetings and interaction with potential customers. Complete production of our SaaS. Team work, collaboration. Fridays every 2 weeks, forest bath, outdoors walk, community activities, […]

The story behind Codian

Kevin Valk is founder of Codian, a service that hunts your source code for security bugs on every commit and automatically submits a pull requests to mitigate the issue. Accepting the pull requests and you can write secure software while focusing on what you do best, making a great product. Kevin is a graduate of […]

4 ways that startup founders keep up their motivation

Motivation and self perseverance are essential for progress and success in your startup. Everyone has a different way to do it. Although, working on your own idea is already doing it, sometimes setbacks can discourage us. But don’t give up just yet. Check out how other founders solve this problem or find your own way […]

Interview with Nathalie Brähler

Nathalie Brähler is co-founder of Virtual Audience Influencer. She participated in the past StartupLeap edition, together with the CEO and founder of VAI John Meulemans. Virtual Audience Influencer is bringing virtual influencers to live by empowering the audience of brands   How did you find the problem and the solution? To find the solution, we decided […]

Interview with Marieke Ammerlaan

Marieke Ammerlaan is founder of MyBeats a platform for everything on and about dance! Not only music, but also vlogs, blogs, videos, podcasts and movies, books and magazines. Everything in one spot and place to enjoy. Marieke is also part of StartupLeap community and a graduate of the program.     Why did you decide […]

Interview with Nikolay Tsanev

Nikolay Tsanev is founder of CRMNOW, which is  a simple cloud based software for small companies that allows businesses to store customer data, track leads and manage the sales process easily, without being distracted from useless features that you never use. Thanks to the pre-built in components, the software can be customised easily based on […]

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