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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of Matrix-Q Solutions

Mondays every two weeks full day trainings to my team about 9 hours. Thursdays full day interviews for new recruits. Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, meetings and interaction with potential customers. Complete production of our SaaS. Team work, collaboration. Fridays every 2 weeks, forest bath, outdoors walk, community activities, for my own ecosystem, presentations and workshop in nature on circular economy (today with social distancing), every day early morning 7 am forest bath (running outdoors), twice a day practice archery in nature. Once every 2 weeks record one audio track for my ecosystem podcast and team. I find my strength and inspiration in nature. Weekly calls and meetings with potential partners and customers. weekly tasks for administration, accounting and funding. My free time i spend with my family, children and love partner. Create some music from time to time, complete a book I am still writing. I’ve written more than 600+ e-publications, self-publishing since 2007.
A typical workweek always begins by answering to customer emails where their questions or requests are. Then I organise the week by checking which declarations still must be sent and to follow up with the tax advisors to see the status of the designed declarations. If a new service is arranged with a client, the client’s information is sent to one of the tax advisors and they can prepare the tax returns. I am always in constant communication with the tax advisors and we discuss which are the objectives or goals that we must achieve to be able to declare correctly and on time. I am constantly aware of any question or complain from our clients in order to keep them satisfactory service.
I usually wake up around 8. I start the day with drinking my coffee and going through LinkedIn. This usually takes about an hour because I end up reading a lot of interesting and relevant articles. Sometimes I immediately run to my computer to write something down. The next thing I remember, it’s already dinner time. If you ask me what day it is today I will have to look at my calendar. I’m usually completely lost in time especially with the recent quarantine. Everyday I have a lot of meetings and talks with my team members. I try to unplug myself from my computer during the weekends however it is not always successful.
I try to work only on a weekday. But it is very difficult to refuse your family in some cases, especially in isolation. So I work everyday. I get up at 5 am and go to bed at 10 pm. In the morning I read tutorial and self-awareness literature, do some exercise, take a cold shower and learn English. Breakfast, coffee, work, lunch, coffee, social media, work, coffee, dinner, bath, fiction book, bed.
My typical work week revolves around trying to build a prototype, handle my pilot customer, meet-up with my potential co-founder to work on the future. Work on the company wiki. Try to meet with potential other co-founders.
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