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We interviewed 5 founders of StartupLeap community on how they got support from their peers and in what ways they utilised it.


Violetta Shishkina, founder of CADChain B.V.

Coming to the Netherlands as a start-up we didn’t know what to expect at all. Being part of an incubator helped immensely. We immediately got to know a lot of startups so we could ask questions. I think every startup needs support at every stage of its development. The needs change however help is always appreciated. Today I see myself as almost an expert of the early stage start-ups and I’m always eager to help those who are just starting.


Patricia I. Santa Cruz Montero, founder of PSM Consultancy:
One of the main important topics that I learned was the relationship with the customers, and how to get feedback from them. This information can help you to improve the services of your company in the future. Another important topic was the automation of processes, because it is the best way to grow exponentially, how to select your market, research a specific group of people. Keep in mind that you will not always find a completely new market, but the important thing is to find the best solution.


Kevin Valk, founder of Codian:

When I was stuck and wanted to apply to a normal job again. The fact that I had the weekly meeting made me continue and try. The positive response to my “half-assed” try was the push I needed to continue.


Marieke Ammerlaan, founder of MyBeats:

When you just feel stuck, it is nice to look around and see others also stuck and others getting unstuck:-)


Nikolay Tsanev, founder of CRMNOW:

I used the support and community to validate the idea. You actually get direct access to a diverse audience that will be honest with you, as they know the importance of validation.

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