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Motivation and self perseverance are essential for progress and success in your startup. Everyone has a different way to do it. Although, working on your own idea is already doing it, sometimes setbacks can discourage us. But don’t give up just yet. Check out how other founders solve this problem or find your own way to do it.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of Matrix-Q Solutions.

“I hold a discipline and praxis of self-management methods, like yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, positive emotions, nature (forest bath), creativity and arts. I am realistic regarding the challenges the world experience and the urgency for solutions needed. I intent to see the facts and process, cope with the reality like climate change, sustainability issues, resource depletion, millions of species extinction, and the slow process in which the human species learns to take responsibility, be accountable. I intent to proactively adapt myself to the challenges and needs of current times, addressing global pressing issues.”
“I am honestly enjoying what I’m doing and it always keeps my motivation up by itself. Of course there are days when you have worked too hard and you need a break. I always try to give myself a break even if there is a deadline. Sometimes it’s very frustrating when all your hard work has been done for nothing, for example when an application for funding hasn’t gone through. In moments like this I concentrate on a big picture, for example where my startup is going to be in 5 or 10 years. That future is always bright and thinking about it makes me persevere.”
“To keep up my motivation I remind myself that working to make my ideas and goals come true for myself and not for someone else’s, is one of the greatest satisfactions as an entrepreneur. Moreover, realising that the more I try, the better results I get, for the best develop and growth of my company, really stimulates me.”
“I try to surround myself with other likeminded people. Also collect others around me that are “part” of my startup. That way I am not doing it only for me, but also for others. When you know you are doing something for other people it really makes you keep on going.”



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